The Easter Lynx

Not the Easter Bunny?  That’s right.  With Easter right around the corner, I am providing two lynx – a.k.a. links – that are relevant for the holiday.  First, if you want a new jewelry creation by Enok O that is ideal for the Easter season, then click on this link –

This simply takes you to another page of this website, where photos of his medallion can be viewed, along with a drawing that identifies each segment.  The medallion, primarily to be worn as a pendant, is a symbolic, wordless representation of John 3:16. Every portion of the circular pendant, measuring only 3 cm (1.25 inches) in diameter, depicts a separate phrase in the verse. “So my design includes seven segments in all – representing the seven phrases of this Bible verse – which are fully integrated,” says artist and designer Enok O.

Second, if you want to craft a papier-mache “resurrection scene” for your family’s Easter observance, then click on this link –

In this article, I describe how we have created a “resurrection scene” for Easter as a tradition in our family for many years. It helps the children to visualize and experience the death and burial of Jesus on Good Friday, and His resurrection on Easter morning.  It is similar to a nativity scene around Christmastime.  The children participate in constructing the “tomb” in the days preceding Good Friday. Then on Friday evening, we place Jesus’s body inside and put the cover in front of the entrance. When the children awaken on Easter morning, the cover has been moved and Jesus isn’t there! As you proceed with each of my steps at to craft your own resurrection scene, you can click on all photos to show enlargements.

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