Cruising With Your Parent

Kathy Rasmusen is a Baby Boomer.  She lives every day in a world that many Baby Boomers are either experiencing or contemplating:  caring for their aging parents.  According to the book Generation Ageless by Smith and Clurman:  “13 million Boomers are caring for their retired, ailing parents.  In fact, …Boomers exhibit a stronger commitment than the prior generation to caring for their aging parents.”

But this reality is not a drudgery.  As you can see in her article that I just posted on this website, caring for her mother includes cruising together, which combines adventure and discovery.  Kathy provides important information to remember as you travel with your parent, or parents.  Her article, entitled “Cruising With Your Parent,” focuses on the adult-child’s role, presenting ten invaluable tips that Baby Boomers need to know.

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        Lee Cuesta

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