Boomer Voices

This is the column for action and results.

As we know well, Baby Boomers expect to have a voice in their world and society.  We consider it part of our “birthright” to have our say, especially in issues of injustice or inequality.  Of course, this may have been fostered by the culture of the 1960’s, along with Vietnam protests.  Yet whatever the source, I believe that our voice will only grow stronger and more significant as we Boomers move into our senior years.

So if you’ve had similar experiences related to speaking out – expressing your “voice” – and you’d like to share it … or if you’d like fellow Boomers to help you promote your rave … then e-mail your story to

Maybe we’ll start our own World Wide Rave, as David Meerman Scott describes in his book, World Wide Rave : creating triggers that get millions of people to spread your ideas and share your stories.

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