Book Description: Successful Spiritual Waiting — the 7 Maxims

As I mentioned in my blog post last month, my new book will be published soon through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  I will let you know immediately when it’s available for sale on Amazon – possibly next month (May 2022). When the paperback is published, the eBook will likewise be available, if you prefer that format. 

My book’s title is Successful Spiritual Waiting: the 7 Maxims, with the subtitle: “Transformative guidelines that reveal the positive perspective.”  It is a very attractive paperback, measuring 5.5 by 8.5 inches, precisely 260 pages in length (252 pages of content and eight pages in the front section).  My book will be listed under the categories Self-help/ Spiritual. So this month, I am posting below the complete Book Description as it will appear on Amazon. One more detail: here is the link to my Amazon author page –

Lee Cuesta Author Page.

Book Description

Such a fresh and unique approach to waiting on and for God has never been published before. Lee Cuesta draws upon 40 years of experience to unpack the deepest, fullest meaning of waiting, along with why and how. With lively and upbeat guidance enabling the reader to implement these principles, he shows that waiting is a positive spiritual practice that delivers success while reducing stress. Cuesta defines “success” as achieving and fulfilling one’s life purpose, and he describes in detail how to succeed in the area of spiritual waiting.  The book is rich with Cuesta’s autobiographical adventures and lessons as he implemented waiting on God, and for God, in his own life.  He’s an ordained minister, and served as a missionary for over 14 years. Due to his own ecclesiastic background, in this book he uses the Bible as his basis, exploring the lives of preeminent spiritual waiters, such as David, Abraham and Noah. But the truths are universal, and Cuesta also quotes from the Tao Te Ching and the Bhagavad Gita. So followers of all faiths and spiritual traditions likewise will benefit from Cuesta’s insights. He relates the experiences of more recent historical waiters, as well, such as William Carey and Nelson Mandela. Lee Cuesta is the author of two previous books, as well as multiple articles, including two about waiting for God, in both English and Spanish. Throughout his career, he has observed that if the topic of “waiting for God” is written about at all, it is usually with a negative connotation. Other writers bemoan, “Why does God make me wait so long?” This book departs diametrically from that point of view. A maxim is a concise expression of a fundamental moral rule or principle. It is generally any simple and memorable guide for living. Immanuel Kant said that a maxim is a principle of action that one gives to oneself, and Lee Cuesta’s in-depth and compelling explanation of these 7 Maxims reveals the lifestyle of successful spiritual waiters.

Lee Cuesta

P.S. And more good news:  Seven Viking Days, my full-color children’s book, illustrated by Mia Hocking, will soon be available again (also via KDP and for sale on Amazon)!


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